History & Heritage


Here at A.T. Engineering, a family run business in the village of Tadley, Hampshire, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Established in 1987, we hold many years’ experience of hands-on precision engineering, design and machining and a growing portfolio of notable clientele.  Our services deliver both innovative solutions and highly successful end results. The company is managed daily by two Directors, Mark Beasley and Michelle Beasley and has 14 employees and over 6000 square feet of workspace.

Over recent years we've invested heavily in a variety of CNC machinery and high-tech equipment for milling and turning. This enables us to provide the very best results possible for our customers. This has also assisted our expansion plans which continue unabated despite the recent economic pressure - a testament to our forward thinking, our vision, professionalism and positioning within the markets we serve. 

We handle large production orders as well as small one-off pieces and retain our roots to a degree by way of a department of traditional manual machinery. We offer additional services such as detailed fitting, welding and fabrication, as well as a choice of assembly either in the A.T. Engineering workshops or on our customer's sites - some clients preferring the latter.

Our customers vary from universities, broadcast services and the weighing and measuring industry, as well as aerospace and water companies.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and have a quality management system in place to ensure that production meets expected levels of quality for challenging environments and industries