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Working alongside Portsmouth University and South West Water (SWW), A-T Engineering have acted as principal engineering partner in the development of a new, revolutionary passive water sampling device, called the Chemcatcher ™.

Traditional spot water sampling techniques no longer cut it where difficult-to-detect pollutants are concerned. With 21st century pollution targets, better informed attitudes to serial polluters and improved water quality sampling technologies available, it was time to bring passive water sampling techniques up to date.

Detecting Elusive Water Pollutants and Polluters

Specific types of pollutants, such as acid herbicides and pesticides, have a tendency to flush through water ways, highlighting spot water quality sampling as inadequate for the task at hand. A longer exposure period is required – typically 2 or more weeks at a time, in order to accumulate. The Chemcatcher ™ passive water sampling device does exactly that: in situ for several weeks or more, allowing elusive pollutants to accumulate on the binding surface of the Chemcatcher’s ™ sampling membrane.


Watch this Video to see the Chemcatcher in action.